Landscape Photography is one of those beautiful things that happen in life thanks to patience, like rod fishing. It is generous en terms of pleasing experiences that have little to do with capturing light. The most important thing behind landscape photography is the connection with nature that evolves with time. Let’s talk a little bit about certain things that people just won’t tell you about landscape photography.

They are not just waiting for you

I think there is nothing truest than this statement when it comes to landscape photography. Don’t expect to just wander a couple of minutes into an outdoorsy scene and capture magnificent and glorious landscapes. There are exceptions of course, but that is not the rule.

They’ll make you wake up early

Another beautiful truth of Landscape Photography. The best light, visual humidity and ambiance, is easier to capture at early hours of the day. Being able to take yourselves out of the bed at 03:00 has deep rewards in terms of photographic captures.

The effort has a beautiful hidden secret in it. Driving to a certain destination at dawn has an amazing aura of freedom. This mysticism will make you feel closer to nature and far away from civilization. Embrace it, because is one of the most amazing experiences any photography discipline can offer to anybody.

They’ll make you scout

Great landscape photography requires patience, and exploring. Scouting can even take place without taking one single shot. The goal of a good scouting is to find the perfect place for a shot to be taken, in order to anticipate light and weather for the desired looks on the final images you’ll capture with your camera.

They’ll make you remember mathematics

Landscape Photography has a large scope in terms of what happens inside your camera and post-production as well. You’ll eventually learn that filters have a lot to do with capturing images the way you want them to be. This little fellas allow you manage time in order to unveil movement that is impossible for our eyes to see.

There are several mathematical calculations that must be done in photography. One of them is exposure, and even though you are not going to be doing equations, it is important to know the numbers behind your filters. Filter manufacturers deliver a detailed table of numbers that correspond to exposure compensations. It is important to know how to work this things, especially with extreme ND filters that can slow your exposure by more than 10 steps. Having this bad boys attached to your camera will limit your vision through viewfinder to near zero.

Extreme sharpness is a fundamental element in Landscape Photography, and you’ll eventually learn that is important to know how to measure distances plus apertures in order to achieve extreme sharpness thanks to hyper focal length.

You’ll eventually stumble into meteorology

Getting to know the position of the sun, and the astrological schedule of it is a basic thing in landscape photography, especially if you are working at dawn and dusk. Then it is highly likely that you get yourselves interested in meteorology to predict the presence of interesting clouds in your landscapes. Getting to know weather will give your images a much better flavor.

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